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High availability setups

Server uptime and site availability are top priorities for every business. But for those that generate revenue from their web presence, ensuring reliability is paramount. Any amount of unexpected downtime comes at a cost, and hardware failure is the most common contributor. Fortunately, it’s also preventable. You can insulate your business — protecting your revenue and reputation — by adding redundancy to your hardware environment.

Business cases: eCommerce, SaaS, Application server, Mission-critical sites

Database Clusters

We configure and manage highly available database setups and do Database as a Service for you.

Multitenant, replicated, multimaster setups possible and are handpicked for your needs.

  • Postgres
  • Mysql (and derivatives)
  • Mongodb
  • Elasticsearch
  • Redis
  • etcd – mostly for Kubernetes

Multimaster Kubernetes

We deploy and manage highly available Kubernetes cluster setups.

We offer Managed and unmanaged Kubernetes cluster setups on our or your appliances.

  • Calico network
  • Ingress-nginx
  • Certmanager
  • Helm
  • Prometheus
  • Grafana
  • PVC provisioner

External services:

  • SMTP endpoint
  • LoadBalancer (BGP)
  • S3 Service endpoint

Distributed FS

We configure access to distributed filesystem DRBD: Distributed Replicated Block Device that allows your data to be mirrored between the servers and remain continuously in sync.

For your cloud-native applications we also offer our replicated S3 setup located in Latvia, Russia, Germany and United Kingdom.


We can help you with CI/CD process pipeline integration in your development process and take care of all the hassles.

  • Gitlab CI
  • Sentry
  • New Relic


Here is listed software we have extensive administrative experience with

  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL (percona)
  • MongoDB
  • ElasticSearch
  • Redis
  • RabbitMQ
  • Exim
  • Dovecot
  • Postfix
  • Bind
  • Nginx
  • Apache
  • Bareos
  • Kubernetes
  • Docker
  • cri-o
  • Ceph
  • Gluster
  • vmWare NSX
  • vmWare Cloud
  • OpenStack
  • KVM
  • Bird
  • Helm

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