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Conversional chatbot development

We develop and integrate highly intelligent and sophisticated chatbot solutions for our customers. We can help develop bots for internal use or for your clients. At Standart, we are fully aware of which permutations of frameworks, APIs, and plugins will work best for specific use-cases.

Our solutions are capable of deep conversational patterns analysis, decoding natural language (Natural Language Processing – NLP), offering contextually sensitive responses, tracking user feedback, and much more.

Natural language processing

Our NLP solutions can be used in smart search systems, customer service, healthcare and to optimize any business workflow.

We develop systems for statistical machine translation, optical text recognition, text processing, programmatic intent analysis, and analysis of real world speech patterns.

We have experience with processing English, Russian, German and Latvian languages.

Automatic Image processing and tagging

We offer face, object, text recognition and processing system development for use in client environment. Our Deep learning services are meant to optimize production environment, scale-up your operations, and deploy data to the cloud or to the edge.

We have deployed our own servers in Russia (SPB, Moscow), Latvia, Germany and London with integrated Nvidia Tesla GPUs to offer fastest image data processing in Europe/Baltics region.

Business Intelligence systems

We design business intelligence and machine learning solutions, data management and modeling to automate your decision-making and help your company stakeholders foresee business risks and ensure security.

Our ML/AI experts build data warehouses (DWH) and ETL systems, advanced data visualization and reporting solutions.

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